Monday, 9 December 2013

Tights Please!*

Ahhhh tights. I love tights!  
You can literally wear them for any occasion or in any season.. and they're much more comfy than trying to squeeze into those skinny's jeans of yours.
That's why I was thrilled when tights please sent me a few pairs to review for their website.
Tights Please are a great online company which supply a wide range of hosiery.
From tights to socks, leg warmers to leggings there's plenty to choose from. And not only that its actually really reasonable in price.
On the high street you can be paying a lot for one pair of fashion tights. Tights please offer discounts up to 50% on brand named items.
The website is really easy to navigate round as they categorize by style, colour, latest trends, material, occasion and size
They also offer free UK delivery and send their items out in discreet packages which fit through your letter box so your not waiting in.

These pair are from House of Holland which retail at £12.00. I wore these for my birthday night out last weekend and all my girly friends gushed over them (not to mention my boyfriend). I love the whole knee high look of these and not only that, they were a good thick material meaning I'll get good use out of these. At 30% cheaper on the website I think they are well worth the money.

Another pair I picked off the website were these cute little Christmas tights. They have reindeers and snowflakes on them which will get you in the festive mood (check out my feel festive post here)
I'll defiantly be wearing these on Christmas day with a dress!

These tights are cool right? Galaxy print has been really popular recently. The colours are pretty and they feel more like leggings rather than tights. I think wearing these with a black skater dress or denim would give them a good casual look.

These tights are from red or dead and again down from £9.49 with 30% off they are a steal. I love their selection as they stock stylish patterns which are great for day or night. Comfy and warm they are ideal for winter!

All in all I'm really impressed with my items and value for money from Tights Please. Feel free to check out the website for yourself (here) and style up your outfits today.

Thanks for reading guys. Please comment below and tell me what you think!

(disclaimer : I was sent the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid )


  1. Great looking tights.

  2. I love the first one! :)

    XOXO Sandl

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  3. tights are my favorite <3 i've been wearing them so much lately. The christmasy ones are adorable:)

  4. Oh my those reindeer ones are sensational! Must check them out :)

  5. I've had tights from tights please, they always have want I'm looking for, I'm not sure I would wear any of the above though (think I'm too old!), You really write well

  6. The first ones are so cute!

  7. Tights are my favorite thing in fashion. I have several blog entries dedicated to just tights and a fashion Tumblr that features them almost exclusively. So I was SO happy to see your wonderful post. Those tights are amazing and your legs are so lovely :)

  8. I love the pair in the first pic!

  9. I love them all! Especially the one with the galaxy print on it!

  10. I love the first tights!

    I'm definitely going to have a look at the website!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

  11. Awesome blog!!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc bloglovin and G+?

  12. I love the Christmas tights! x

  13. ahhh!! I love all of those!!!!! so cute!!!!

  14. I really like the first one! x

  15. Aah! You have such a good collection of tights! I really like the first pair as well but I would wear them all! So cute!


  16. Love those tights! So fancy!
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know dear..

  17. Love your collection... I want those Christmasy ones for sure :)

  18. OMG i love these tights!! My favorite is the polka dot ones, but they are all beautiful!! :) Following you on Bloglovin :) xox

  19. They're all super cute! The Christmas ones are quite festive indeed:)

  20. I love the winter inspired ones, and i'm obsessed over the festive period with tights so this is great xx

  21. Thanks for following me on Bloglovin :) Just stopping by to follow back, say hi and check out your blog. I love those tights!! I need some new ones, I usually just wear solid black ones with my skirts.

    Stop by any time :)

  22. Oooh! I love them! Unfortunately I have quite big legs and I'm not very good looking in tights, but these ones are amazing!

  23. They all look so cool !!! :O

  24. I love tights! Especially under shorts and dresses during the cold months. Down with pants. They're stupid.

  25. Love them all, but the CHRISTmas ones are best for Me!!!


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