Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Heels Good Enough To Eat!

For a typical fashion mad girl I can't say I'm a massive shoe fan. Even though I own too many for the average person I always seem to stick with only a couple pairs and wear them till they're practically torn apart before I go out and buy more. 
So why are you writing a post on shoes I hear you ask? 

Well just the other day I came across a collection of shoes I just couldn't keep my eyes off. Safe to say they are a little unusual compared to others, these shoes are based on sweets and cakes! Combine them together and you get these...

These handmade shoes have every last detail put into them and can be made unique if requested. I think I always sway more to different styles like this which is why for shoes I would highly consider buying myself a pair, if not just to showcase because they're so bloody pretty to look at!
If you would like to check the website out then click here

So what do you think? Remarkable pieces of art for your tootsies? Or over the top expensive tat?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Also, how many pairs of shoes do you own? And what are your favourite pair?

Thanks once again for reading and as always posts every Wednesday.

I was not paid nor received anything for this written post. Just wanted to share my opinions which are all my own.
Photos from the Shoe Bakery website.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Perfect Night Out Dresses!

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day (ahem did you read my last post about that no?)
Well moving on from last weeks rant I thought I'd do something a little more fashion related.

It has recently occurred to me that as a girl I find that I NEVER HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO WEAR! Especially for nights out. It just seems like everything new gets old fast or I don't like it as much or I feel like I'm fat in certain things I used to wear. This leads me to throwing my toys out of the pram and leaving my room in a disastrous state with everything out of my wardrobe mounted up on my floor.

So this week I've been admiring the little mistress clothing range taking note of some of the gorgeous dresses they have. Seriously... just look at them. Below I made up a little wish list of my 6 favourite dresses which I think would be perfect for a night out.

Cute right? I picked these 6 in particular because they are all so different. I think if you were lucky enough to own all of them you'd be set for any special occasion. I particularly like the 5th one as I think you could dress it up or down. I've always been inclined to the little black dress.
So that's my little mistress wish list. Please take note that this wasn't a sponsored post. It was just a bit of fun and all opinions are my own.
(if you want to look at their website then click here ... don't type in .com for the love of god like I did)
Did you like any of the dresses I featured? If so please comment and let me know!
Also I'd love to know what type of dresses you think suit you on a night out? Are you into a bodycon dress or something else like a shift or chiffon dress? All comments are appreciated.
Thanks for reading. Posts every Wednesday from now on :)

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why Valentines Day SUCKS!

Eyyyy sexy ladies!
So you've probably guessed by now that this isn't your typical Valentines Day blog post. You won't see any "gift idea's" or "romantic night in/out" here. In fact I'm going to be one of those whiney annoying negative people who suck out all the fun of this holiday. If your into this romantic lovey dovey crap then perhaps you should sneak off now.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not anti love. I've been in a happy relationship for over a year now and I've been in serious relationships before which have lasted years. I just don't agree with this holiday. Ok yeah its nice to be able to buy and receive gifts and go out somewhere fancy but why must we restrict ourselves to doing this once a year?
Personally I would rather put thought into a gift instead of the generic chocolates, flowers & card cliché and I would do it off my own back and in my own time rather than doing it just because I felt like I had to to go a long with the whole charade.
In my opinion doing things for your significant other shouldn't be because its February 14th and its accustomed to. You should do it anyway every now and again to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Valentines day means nothing to me. What means to me is my boyfriend bringing me home the thing I've been talking about for weeks unexpectantly. Or my boyfriend telling me he loves me when we are cuddled up together. That's more real and meaningful than a card plastered with "I love you" on it.
So yeah basically what I'm trying to get at is don't just leave it to Valentines day to do something for your partner. Do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. And tell them you love them everyday, even if they already know. Its much more nicer when its genuine and not forced just for the occasion.
Another reason why Valentines Day sucks (sorry)...
The people who are single during this time are made to feel inferior just because they don't have someone. They are made to feel like its wrong to be alone. Some singletons might not care but a lot do. I see comments like "hate being alone for valentines day" or "I wish I had a boyfriend". They even renamed it "Single Awareness Day" or SAD for short. Its frustrating because holidays should be for celebration. Not to make certain people feel lonely and crappy about themselves.
In conclusion to this rant, Valentines day is just a lame way for companies to make a few extra pennies (or dollars, sorry UK here) and fill in the gap between Christmas and Easter. I understand people may totally disagree with this whole post and enjoy taking part in this tradition but for me and Danny we will be doing nothing more than playing some video games and perhaps watch something zombie related on the TV. Soooo romantic! 
Happy fricken Valentines day everyone.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my little rant.
I'll do something more upbeat next time I promiseee!
Don't forget to leave your comments below and tell me what you thought about this post. Do you like Valentines day or do you think its a big pile of steaming poo like me?

Sunday, 2 February 2014

GIVE AWAY! Win a chance to go to London Fashion Weekend.

Hello everyone!
How quick did January go!?!
 Now we're into February it means that London Fashion Weekend is soon upon us.
I was lucky enough to be attending but due to shitty circumstances I now can't afford to travel down.
My boyfriends room at university got broken into and trashed last week and they left with around £1000 of stuff which means me and Danny are now trying to replace a lot of it. Isn't society amazing! With that happening and one of my friends being in a critical condition in hospital its safe to say the start of the year has been pretty poor.
So anyway... because of this I am giving up my ticket so I thought I'd throw another giveaway for one person to win. There's no point it going to waste.
Prize is for one Gold Ticket which includes :
Entry into Vodafone London Fashion Weekend
1 x Trend Catwalk Show
1 x Designer Catwalk Show
Industry Talks
Limited Edition Designer Tote Bag filled with goodies
You must follow me on GFC
You must be over 18
UK entries only
One winner will be selected from my GFC followers who enter and notified by email after the closing date
If the winner fails to reply within 48 hours then I will select a new winner
All entries will be checked and false ones will be removed and disqualified
Tickets will be sent a week before the date or sooner to ensure it arrives in time.
I am not responsible if the tickets aren't received (you know what royal mail is like)
Competition closes 12th Feburary
Good Luck All :)
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