Sunday, 30 March 2014

My First Blogger Event - Featuring Clarins and The Hard Rock Cafe


To be honest, when I first started blogging in November I didn't even know there were such things as blogger events and meet ups. This blog was just a little thing for me to take my mind off worries and anxiety. Since then I've been introduced to this lovely community full of amazing writers and trend setters and learnt SO much in a short space of time. I was really chuffed when I was contacted by Sarah from JamPR inviting me to an event at The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester to celebrate the launch of their new menu. Clarins were also promoting their new radiance plus booster which i was keen to check out as I've only ever heard good things about them.

I took my Sister Kirsty and good pal Sarah with me and as soon as we got there (after a massive disagreement with our taxi driver which resulted us in being locked in his car.. fun) we were instantly greeted with some amazing looking cocktails. There were so many flavors it was was only right to try as many as we possibly could.

The staff were also kind enough to pass around some delicious treats. It was like a mini three course meal starting off with little cocktail sticks with tomatoes and feta cheese, bruschetta, and salads, then onto "mains" which were the cutest looking cheese burgers I've ever seen (yes, burgers can be cute!). And for desert they passed around mini oreo cheesecakes which was kind of like eating heaven in a bowl. 

The food was amazing. The atmosphere of the restaurant was amazing and not to mention being a fan of rock music I thought the playlist was amazing. I loved every last detail about the place from the guitars on the walls to the t shirt shop! I can't wait to go back again next time I'm in Manchester and sit down for a proper meal. 

Me, Sarah and Kirsty were also lucky enough to make our own cocktails behind the bar. The guy who helped us was really nice and made a huge effort not to laugh at me when i flipped the cup over my head and nearly knocked over some candles (haaaa). The concoction  in the middle photograph was my creation. Not so bad if i do say so myself. It was delicious. 

We were also treated to some hand treatments by the lovely ladies from Clarins. They explained how their new radiance booster worked. You add a few drops in with your normal moisturizer and it builds up a healthy looking glow over time. Much better than going on a sunbed in my opinion! 

The hand massages with Clarins products left them feeling so soft and fragrant that I was literally smelling my hands every 5 minutes. I bet I looked like a right weirdo to everyone else who attended. I was probably branded "The girl who was sniffing her fingers" ahaha. 

Cheeky bathroom selfie!

Overall I really enjoyed the night and what it had to offer. I came home with a goody bag full of Clarins products which I can't wait to try out. Hopefully if there's a next time I'll pluck up the courage to meet a few other bloggers. For my first go though I think I didn't do too bad!

Thanks for reading!
Have you ever attended a blogger event/meet up? What was your first impressions? Did you meet anyone new? I would love to hear your stories 

Check back on Wednesday for my next post :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Summertime Sadness

/ Shift Dress - Fashion Union / Shoes - New Look / Leggings - Primark / Sunnies - Vintage /

Shift dresses are fast becoming my favorite type of dress to wear. This one by Fashion Union is no exception. I love the geometirc print and how bright and colourful it is. This one also had a handy zip in the back making it easier to put on.

This week i finally decided to re-dye my hair (with a little help from my boyfriend). I hate bleaching it every few months but there is nothing worse than pink salmon locks and dark roots. Alas.. this is the situation i get into on my quest for bright red hair. 

Tomorrow I will be attending my first Blogger event (eek) in Manchester for Clarins and the Hard Rock Cafe. I'm really excited/nervous to see what goes on and to meet some new people. I'm hoping my Anxiety won't spoil things. I plan on taking my camera and taking a few snaps so perhaps I'll add a blog post later in the week!

Wish me luck :) 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

50 Blog Post Ideas

Hello Everyone!
Sometimes I think its a bit daunting having your own personal blog. There's always a sense of wanting to keep up to date and keeping your readers happy with your content. Even though my blog is relatively new compared to many, I wanted to start up a few blog posts dedicated to helping others with theirs.

There are literally endless topics to write about but sometimes my brain will not function and I panic about what I should write next. I think its always good to be prepared so today I wrote down a list of topics you could include in your own blog to save yourself the writers block.
A lot of these are particularly beauty, fashion & lifestyle related as that is my expertise but I included a few extras.
1. OOTD (Outfit of the day, a favourite of many)
2. Hauls/Recent Purchases
3.Current Favourites
4. What's in my bag
5. TAGS ( eg, TMI tag)
6. Hair Tutorials
7. Wish Lists
8. Day in the life
9. Favourite Bloggers
10. Reviews (Make-up, Books, Games, Clothing etc.)
11. Recipes
12. Room Tour
13. Outfits under £££ (£20, £50, £100 etc.)
14. Instagram, a week in photos
15. Make-up Tutorials
16. Blogging Tips 
17. Host a Competition
18. Guest Post - have someone write a post for your blog
19. Collections (Shoes, Make-up, Jewellery etc. )
20. Dislikes (Make-up that didn't work for you, current trends you dislike etc. )
21. Bargain Tips
22. Write about an event you attended
23. Who/What inspires you
24. Gift Ideas
25. Favourite Perfumes
26. Healthy Living
27. Crafts, Homemade items
28. Top Fives
29. Mental Illness, (Tips, personal experiences etc. )
30. Relationship Advice
31. Parenting Advice
32. Diet Plan
33. Routines (Bedtime, Morning, Work, Weekly etc. )
34. Pamper Day/Night
35. POTD (Photo of the day)
36. Rants
37. Experiences (Operation's, Treatments etc. )
38. Favourite Memories
39. Outfit Idea's ( Nights out, Spring/Summer, Business etc, )
40. About Me Post
41. Start a new hobby and talk about it
42. What makes you happy
43. NOTD (Nails of the day)
44. Fancy Dress Idea's
45. Exercise Tips
46. Product Comparison's
47. Best & Worst
48. Skincare
49. Dupes
50. Interview another Blogger

I hope these idea's help. Why not save the post to your favourites bar and check back each time you get stuck? You could even attempt them all and cross them off as you go :)
If you have any other suggestion's then feel free to comment below.  
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring is coming

/ Shift Dress inlovewithfashion* / Kimono inlovewithfashion* / Hat H&M / Biker Boots New Look / Sunnies Primark /

Shocker... the UK actually had some sunshine for a change. Me and Danny made the most of this and took some shots in my back garden. My kit-kat had to join in too which is why you'll probably notice her in most of my photographs.

Its nice being able to take photographs when the suns out. The sun always puts me in a good mood. I can't wait till the days get warmer and I can spend more time in the beer gardens with my friends.

I'm a big fan of shift dresses at the moment. They are perfect for wearing in spring/summer as they are very loose and comfortable as well as looking really flattering! Kimonos are also great for layering up your outfits. They're good if your wanting to add that extra bit of style. I finished my look off with some biker boots, hat and sunnies.

Leave your comments below on your thoughts of this look. Are you into Shift Dresses & Kimonos?

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Monday, 3 March 2014

A Look Into Anxiety

When I first started blogging back in 2013 one of the main topics I really wanted to talk about was depression. I wanted to make people aware of mental illness and the way it affects certain individuals and how people who suffer with it can find ways to cope.
It went down really well and I got a lot of positive feed back so this time round I thought I'd do a similar post on anxiety.

As well as struggling with depression for many years I have also have had to deal with having anxiety. I've had anxiety since I can remember. I can remember never wanting to go to school because I'd be too afraid but not sure of what I was afraid of or I'd never do simple things like going into town on my own to shop or go out with my friends. Even working in my job sometimes I get anxious and feel like I can't leave the house. It makes me feel terrible in myself sometimes, like I'll never be "normal" or that I'll never get anywhere in life. This of course brings on the depression and panic attacks.. its a horrible vicious cycle which sometimes is hard to break out of.

Most people get anxious from time to time. Its normal to get anxious if you have to give a speech in front of a large audience or if you have a deadline etc. but for people who have high anxiety the smallest things to you could mean the biggest to them.
There's so many different types of anxiety. To name a few there's social anxiety where you feel like you can't interact properly with people, there's separation anxiety which is a fear of being away from certain things i.e your home or loved ones & there's also GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) which is where you feel a constant wave of anxiety which can stop you from doing everyday tasks.
Having these feelings brewing up inside you can cause panic attacks which are very unpleasant. They can also appear without warning and without certain causes or triggers.

 Some common symptoms of panic attacks include :

* Heart pounding
* Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
* Hyperventilating
* Feeling nauseated or being sick
* Feeling faint
* Sweating
* Tiredness
* Muscle pains

As scary as panic attacks can be they are usually brief and no treatment is needed. Even though harmless they can result in loss of confidence or self esteem, low moods, general lack of concentration and prone to negativity. These things are not good when all we want is a good quality of life. We want to be happy and positive and feel like we can enjoy ourselves.

My three main tips to anyone struggling with this would be :

Baby steps.
I currently have a routine which eases the anxiety because its all repetitive and normal to me but every now and again I will push myself to do something different. Last week I pushed myself to go out into Manchester with my friends. Its a big deal to me as I've had numerous panic attacks on transportation to Manchester. However this time round I made it safe and sound and I probably had one of the best nights out I've had in a while. So yeah, start off with something small if you have to. Take a different way home or instead of staying in go out for a run. Little changes make a difference and you'll feel better for it.

Don't let anybody pressure you into doing something your uncomfortable with.
Some people won't understand why you don't want to do certain things and will pressure you into doing them. I usually get the "comeeee onnnn, it'll be fun. Don't be rubbish" when my friends want me to come out but if I'm really not ready for giving it a go then I won't. Only say yes when your ready. Doing something your just not comfortable with yet can make things worse and then you'll feel like you'll never get anywhere. Just explain to people/family/friends your situation. The ones who matter will be there for you and will give you all the time in the world.

Be positive.
Thinking and being positive in life has made such a big difference to my mental health. Instead of seeing the negative in a bad situation I'll try to find the good. For example, say I went into town to go shopping but I left after only half an hour, instead of being like "well that was a waste of time, I should of never bothered" I would say to myself  "You gave it a go, you made it all the way into town and that's better than not trying at all". When you feel positive it gives you the confidence booster and vastly improves your low moods. You'll then feel better about making certain decisions and worry less resulting in better progress with your anxiety.

My advice to people who know others who have anxiety would be.

Be supportive
I can understand it can be frustrating at times dealing with someone who has anxiety. They may cancel plans last minute or ring in sick at work so you have to cover an extra shift or even have a full blown panic attack with you in public. Making them feel worse about the situation won't help them. Instead try to be a little more understanding and supportive. Reassurance goes a long way and it helps people who suffer with the condition feel better. If your putting them down and yelling at them they're hardly going to try again.

Be predictable and reliable.
If you say your going to be somewhere at a certain time then be there. Even if your 15 minutes or so late it could trigger attacks because that person had to wait on their own and it made them panic. Let them set a time and place and do your best to be as flexible as you can with this. If you feel like your going to struggle then let them know in advance.

Encourage not pressure.
There's nothing wrong with a little encouragement to help a friends progress. Let them set the pace for their recovery but praise them and be positive. Do not ever pressure them.

Mental illness is still discriminated and seen as less important to other conditions. We all need to open our eyes and be less ignorant about it as it affects us all at least once in our life's. If you feel like you need help then make an appointment with your doctor and discuss what options are best for you. You don't need to suffer and keep it to yourself.

I could go on and on about this topic but I think I'll wrap it up here. If you got this far and read my entire post then thank you so much and I hope you understood things a little better.

Please feel free to leave your comments as they are all very much appreciated.
If you have any other tips on dealing with anxiety or helping others then feel free to post that below too.

Thanks for reading and as always posts are every Wednesday!