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Inappropriate Fictional Character Crushes

You can't deny it. At least once in your life you've had a crush on a completely made up character and its broke your heart. I myself like many little girls grew up on watching countless disney films and aweing over that dreamy "Prince Charming". Grown up I've found my prince charming but I still can't help but swoon over certain characters in TV shows/Films

Below I'm going to name a few and why its completely pointless.


At a young age my first love was Aladdin. The fact he was a "street rat" didn't deter my love. He was always up for adventure, had a cute little pet monkey and not to mention a magic carpet which could fly you around the world! He was probably the first and only man to ever change for a woman too! Alas this dream boat is a cartoon, it'd never work out between us.

Jack Dawson - Titanic

Titanic was the first love story (besides disney) that I ever watched and its safe to say me and every other woman on the planet fell for Jack Dawson.  Even though he was homeless (i see a recurring theme here) I completely fell for his sweet caring fun personality and heroic acts. He fell in love with a depressed out of place girl and brought her back to life and he saved her in more ways than one. Of course this led to his death which again is why we can't be together. GOD ROSE, WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST SHARE THE DOOR! 

Legolas - Lord of The Rings.

I'm a massive fan of Lord of The Rings and anything mythical. I love Legolas! He seems so gentle and sweet  and puts aside his differences with rivals to help the greater good. He's also pretty handy with a bow and arrow which makes him ridiculously attractive. Of course.. I assume with his beautiful locks and and well taken complexion that hes most likely gay! And if not hes still immortal and I'm not. I don't think we'd look so great together when I'm aged 90 and hes still young and beautiful.  

Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean

The whole tall dark and handsome comes to mind when i think of Jack Sparrow. I can't exactly put my finger on it but theres just SOMETHING about him! The fact he wears eye liner doesn't put me off because I think hes sassy and hilarious! He'd keep me laughing all day. Of course this relationship would be doomed as I'd be pretty sure he'd leave me dumped on a dessert island somewhere.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is such a fun lovable character. Like Peter I never wanted to grow up and I always thought it would be so amazing to go live in neverland and play with the lost boys and fight pirates. He has a great personality and sense for adventure which would never leave you short of things to do together. However with the constant jealously from Wendy, Tinkerbell and the mermaids I don't think I could handle this relationship.  

Sam and Dean Winchester - Supernatual 

Just.. wow. I initially started watching supernatural for my love of all things spooky and un-explainable but soon realised that the two main Characters are amazing in both of their own ways. Sam Winchester is just straight up dreamy. He's the sweet quiet one who just wants to settle down and live his life. What woman doesn't want that? Dean Winchester is the straight up badass mofo! Behind his ego is a caring guy who would literally die to save you. I am totally in love with these two which frustrates my boyfriend to no end. Of course being with either two of these men is completely out of the question. You can guarantee you'd be dead before the seasons over.

Damon Salvatore - Vampire Diaries , Edward Cullen,- Twilight, Lestat de Lioncourt - Interview with a vampire

Lets face it. We don't want to admit it but vampires are hot. With their perfect faces to lure you in, dreamy eyes and tortured souls its hard not to want to be involved. From the first appearance of Damon in Vampire Diaries I was hooked. He's so cheeky and even though hes a killer he does anything for the one he loves. Which is the same I can say about Edward Cullen. As much as I think hes possibly the worst vampire in the history of vampires I can't help but fall for him! Lestat is dangerous but you can't help to fall for his charm. Of course I'd never get involved with these creatures. I mean.. did you see what happened to Bella after she had sex with Edward? It'd be Alien all over again.

Tate Langdon - American Horror Story - Season 1

Lastly is my newest crush who I just happened to come across while getting stuck into American Horror Story. From the get go you know Tates a troubled individual with many many secrets. He falls for his therapists Daughter and I found their little love story SO cute. He always looks so pained and every time i see him I just want to jump into my TV, cuddle him and make him better. I love his blonde shaggy hair and pale complexion. much as hes pretty to look at I can't help but think since hes a mass murderer and ghost that things wouldn't go very far between us. Which is a shame really.

This concludes my inappropriate crushes. Of course I could mention many many more but maybe I'll leave that to another post if this one is received well.
I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you did I'd love to read your comments down below.

Have you got any inappropriate character crushes? Let me know :)


  1. Pretty sure Aladdin was one of my first crushes too, haha. <3

  2. Haha I love this post!

    Aladdin is pretty cute if I'm honest

    Rebekah @ Delicate Heart

  3. Uhm, Tate is mine! Haha. c;
    I just finished the first season not too long ago.
    Couldn't get into the second. :/
    I also had a crush on Jack Dawson.
    Back then, I would've shared the damn door.


  4. This is brilliant .. mine is definitely Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid ... love him, and it's silly cos he's a drawing!

    The funniest one ever was when my friend confessed she fancied Dogtanian?!! WTF! He's a cartoon dog!

  5. Oh, I strongly share your passion towards Legolas, Tate and Jack Sparrow!
    Recently, I'm head over heels with Kili from the Hobbit, and Finn from My Mad Fat Diary. It's always fun to have fictional crushes! It's one of the most interesting posts that I come across lately. :) I wish people would post more of this stuff.

  6. This is so relatable hahaha, I'm with you on Jack Sparrow for sure! xx

  7. Hahaa, this is brilliant!!

    Im holding a YSL giveaway on my blog, check it out :)


  8. I'm so guilty of Aladdin and legolas. Ha.
    Don't go forgetting about Harvey from Sabrina the teenage witch or even the boys from boy meets world... Oh man.

  9. umm...yes. To all of these...especially Sam and Dean Winchester, obsessed.



    Why oh why can't be be real? *sadface*

    Emma x

  11. haha i love this post! I have a weird crush on arty from shrek 3 and eric from the little mermaid :')

    hannah xo

  12. mine was trunk from Dragon Ball GT =)

  13. Peter pan and Eric from the little mermaid were and still are my little disney crushes omg! <3

  14. Aragorn + Sparrow definitely.
    and Howl from Howls moving castle.
    Although I don't quite understand the latter...

    :D great post!
    L xo

  15. Omg Tate Langdon and Peter Pan are too of mine also hahaha. You have inspired me to do a post like this, I loved it!

  16. I love Tate Langdon!! And of course all the roles that Evan Peters has interpreted in AHS!! ;)

  17. hahahah stop!! i just read this entire thing to my boyfriend in tears! this is the greatest thing i have ever read.

  18. Aladdin, Damon & Tate yes! :)
    I love fictional characters <3
    I don't call them inappropriate at all btw, lol.
    Others: Peeta, Danny Phantom, Enjorlas :)


  19. I'm keen on pirates and medieval knights... So I think that my list differs in the kind of character.

  20. This is really relatable. I love Jack and Tate! (:

  21. Tate, Damon and Edward Cullen yess please!

  22. This is hilarious! I'm so glad I'm not alone in developing bizarre crushes on fictional characters!
    I developed an unhealthy obsession with Peeta throughout The Hunger Games- only the literary version though and Jon Snow from Game of Thrones is my current fantasy fella!

    Katrina | ChatterFox-Chit Chat about this and that.

  23. Omg! Yes! Tate is so yummy! I was rooting for him so much, which is wrong cause hes so messed up!!
    I used to have a huge crush on Peter Pan in the real life version from 2003. And basically any hot guy in a romcom! >.<



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