Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Affordable Make-up and Hair Daily Products - All Under £10

Like many other people on a budget I really can't justify spending my money on ridiculously priced items. This goes for my make-up. With so many high street products deemed just as good if not sometimes better than the likes of Nars, Urban Decay etc is it any wonder why we see ourselves heading to our nearest drugstore to get the latest bargains? 

Below I thought I'd share what products I'm using at the moment for my daily make-up and hair routine. I included one or two high ended products but everything purchased was under £10 or won in a competition so it was free. There's no reason you can't do this yourself and save yourself some pennies!

Fix and Perfect Primer by Rimmel. (£6.99) A great product to use to brighten up, smooth and give an even complexion. This primer helps my make-up to stay on longer and isn't as greasy as others in my opinion.

Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation by Rimmel (£6.99) I have been buying this foundation even before I knew the hype around it. It adapt's to your skin tone and provides a great medium coverage which lasts a good while before needing to be applied again. I always go back to this foundation. Its my favorite.

Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer by Collection (£3.99) Quite frankly the bags under my eyes were becoming embarrassing to a point I caved and jumped on the band wagon with this concealer. Boy am I glad I did though. The coverage is nothing like I've ever used before. 

Powder Blusher in "Hussy" by Illamasqua (£7.99 in sale) I only ever buy high ended products if they are in a sale and I decided to give Illamasqua's blusher a go as I fancied a treat. This is highly pigmented and feels so smooth and easily blends. Its a great colour too if your pale like myself. I still think Sleek's Blushers are a great alternative to use though and I'll probably go back to using that once I've finished this off.

Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel (£3.99) I've been buying this powder for years and I use it to set my make-up. It feels incredibly light and is perfect for those with oily skin. A favorite of many including myself.

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner by Maybelline (£7.99) I LOVE this eye liner. I walked home in a storm and this product hadn't budged one bit. It still looked flawless and amazing. It is easy to apply and lasts FOREVER as you only ever need to use a small amount. 

Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 by Bare Minerals (Free In competition). This one is a bit of a cheat. I won this in a twitter competition so didn't actually pay anything. The brush they include in the packaging is a joke, so much fall out but when used with my own its great for applying over my eye liner. Highly pigmented and beautiful colours. I'll use this till its gone then go back to something cheaper.

Scandaleyes Retro-Glam Mascara - by Rimmel (Won in Competition RRP £6.99) This is the current mascara I wear. Features an hour glass brush which I find easy to use. Also a good consistency and lasts even though I wouldn't go as far as saying its waterproof like it states. Still a good mascara though. 

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - Rimmel (£5.49) - I never used to wear lipstick much until I tried out the Kate Moss collection. I saw Zoella wearing it and I went out and bought the same one. I love the colour I use which is in shade 107. It Goes well with my red/pink hair and leaves a nice Matte finish. 

Intense Colour Lipgloss - Accessorize (Won in competition RRP £4.00) When I received this I didn't even know Accessorize did make-up as it was a shop I rarely visited but ohhh myyy goddd I love this lip gloss. It smells/tastes/looks delicious and its one of the only lip glosses I don't mind wearing. Some are too sticky but this feels nice on my lips. I apply it over my lipstick all the time. I'll be sad once its gone. 

Freeze Hold Hairspray - by TRESemme (£5.25) This is probably my favorite beauty product in the whole entire world. I love to make my hair BIG and bold and I've tried countless hairsprays that have all failed. Nothing compares to this one right here. It keeps everything in place and stays in till I brush it out. It also lasts me a good while and I use LOADS daily. Super drug do a 2 for £6 occasionally which I think is a great bargain so I always snap this up.

Sea Salt Texturising Spray - Toni and Guy (£7.19) I only recently decided to try out sea salt spray as I wanted to do something different with my hair on lazy days. I mentioned this product in a previous post saying how it creates nice subtle waves and great texture. I bought this in a 3 for £12 too which again saved me pennies!

And that's it! This is everything I use on my face/hair daily. If you would like a more detailed description on any of the products above then let me know and I'll do some review posts in the near future. Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Match perfection and the stay matte powder are my absolute favourites, don't know what I would do without them x

  2. That concealer and the Kate Moss lipsticks are amazing! :)

    A new gal in town

  3. The stay matte powder is fab! I use it everyday x

    Mapped Out

  4. Great picks! I love Maybelline's gel liner too :) xx

  5. Would love a post on how you use the sea salt spray/ daily hair routine. I own a few but I can never really get the hang of it. Great post

    Emily xx //

  6. I use the sea salt spray all the time! It smells amazing too - will never be venturing to bumble and bumble : )


  7. Great products!


  8. I use to use and still do use a lot of these items! Drugstore buys are sometimes the best!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion and Life ♥

  9. nice product
    i agree for the spray and the gel eye lyner love it too

  10. These products sound great. I agree that you don't need to spend a lot of money on cosmetics. That sea salt spray sounds wonderful!

  11. I love how you can get fab products and don't have to spend a bomb! that hairspray reminds me of my boyfriend, he is addicted to it!
    Love Lucinda @

  12. There are some really great items here, many of which match up to highend products aswell. Fab post x

  13. I agree that you can definitely just use drugstore products! They're getting better all the time I find. I use the tresemme hairspray too and it's great although the nozzle seems to not work properly, but thats my only gripe!
    I really want to try the match perfect foundation, I've heard great things about it

    Kat xx

  14. I love the Rimmel foundation also. I'm wanting to try the Toni and Guy sea salt spray- I've seen it mentioned in quite a few blogs! Great post :) x

  15. My kind of post - cheap but effective! Good work.


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  16. I'd like to win things like that to taste and comment them... YOu're lucky! Anyway, thanks for sharing your point of views. :D

  17. really need to try the Toni and Guy sea salt spray! Heard some amazing things about it! :)

  18. Does the Rimmel Match Perfect foundation have a pump? I can be really clumsy sometimes and foundations without a pump usually don't end well lol.


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