Monday, 28 April 2014

My new Ozeal Glasses

Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been away for over a week. I've been a bit worse for wear with a horrible chest infection and the dreaded flu. Fear not for I have returned and have lots of great blog posts coming up :) 

Today's post I wanted to talk about my new amazing sunglasses that I received from Ozeal Glasses *
As you may have noticed as of late, glasses are vastly becoming popular not just as a necessity to see more clearly but also as a fashion statement. I myself have had a prescription for over a year but even before then I always owned a pair to spice up the odd outfit every now and again. 

With wonderful sunny spring making an appearance in the UK I decided I wanted to pick out some new stylish sunglasses from the website. After much deliberation I decided to go with the Lazar grey tortoiseshell frames and added the tint to them. 

Whats great about technology these days is you can order online your perfect frames in the comfort of your own home (or bed if your anything like me). If you like to try and test your glasses out before purchasing then Ozeal offer the great feature of uploading or taking a selfie to try on some frames virtually! And unlike your local prescription store, Ozeal Glasses offer a wide range of different styles, shapes, colours etc which start from less than £19.99.

My glasses were shipped out internationally (free of charge for delivery) and came within a week and a half. They arrived in perfect condition inside a plain black hard case with a microfiber cloth. You can really tell the difference wearing the Tortoiseshell Glasses compared to wearing any standard cheap sunnies. The overall look and feel of them is great quality and the lenses are a lot darker and kept the sun out of my eyes better. Overall I was pretty thrilled with these!

In my honest opinion Ozeal Glasses are a great company to look into if your after updating your frames. They offer many discounts on their website so you can get the right price for what your looking for. I'm really happy with mine and I can't wait to shoot in them!

What frames do you like from the Ozeal website?
Let me know in the comments :)

Thanks for reading. Check back again this week for more posts!


  1. look nice !

  2. I just bought some prescription glasses, but they were my first pair so I got them direct from the optician! I'm so gutted after seeing these! They're really nice!

  3. I really like the Nicaro Orange & Tortoise Shell Wafarer frame. They're pretty cute!


  4. Neat!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  5. It’s great that glasses can also be considered as a fashion statement nowadays, and not just worn for necessity. Your sunglasses are truly stylish, what with the Lazar grey tortoiseshell fames and the added tint. Anyway, thank you for the recommendations, Sammeh! Stay gorgeous!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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