Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Favourite Beauty/Fashion YouTubers

With YouTube ever growing and becoming more and more popular I find myself spending countless hours watching videos rather than watching something on my TV. YouTube videos have been one of the main reasons I've learnt so much when it comes down to Beauty and Fashion. Its provided me with countless tips and tutorials which without I'd probably resemble something you'd see on the side of the pavement.

In today's post I wanted to share my favourite beauty/fashion vloggers with you all as I really enjoy keeping up to date with their videos so maybe you will too! (click their names to go to their YT channel)

I really enjoy Helen's Vlogs. She's a girl with big personality and has a lot of similar tastes to myself. She has me swooning over her pastel hair which she does some great tutorials on if your ever considering changing your look. She also does some great styling up videos of different outfits which I always like.

If you haven't heard of Zoella then you've been living under a rock as shes probably one of the most popular vlogger/blogger's out there. She covers all things beauty related from her daily make-up routine to quick and easy hair styles. She's really genuine and lovely and thanks to her shes helped me buy some really good affordable beauty products I swear by!

I came across Marzia through her boyfriend Pewdiepie. She has the most beautiful collection of clothes I have ever seen and I'm always envious of what she owns. She covers everything fashion and beauty related and also does a few DIY tutorials and recipes. Also if your a huge fan of pewds he's usually in some of her videos too.

When I first came across grav3yardgirl I could not stand her. I thought she was highly irritating. But then I began to watch her more and more and now shes actually one of my favourites who is always on the top of my list to watch. She has a great little series called "DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK" which is really informative and covers a wide range of products which are usually raved about. She also does great thrifting hauls and OOTD's which I really like. 
Fleur DeForce

Another beauty bloggers favorite would be Fleur. She is probably my favourite vlogger to go to if I want to know about a particular product in detail. She usually vlogs more on the high ended products which I always like to hear about but she does the odd video like the one above which is all about high ended beauty products under £10. 
Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine is a favorite of mine when it comes down to her blog, but did you know she also has a great YT channel full of amazing hauls and monthly favorites? I always enjoy watching her videos as I find out about some good clothing companies I would of never heard of before. 
Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is somewhat of a beauty guru in the blogging community and you can see why as she provides some beautiful make-up tutorials on her channel. She's become so popular for her make-up tips that shes gone on to release her own range (Tanya Burr lips and nails pffft like you didn't already know). I also love watching her day in the life videos with her fiance Jim too. They always get to go to the best events!
So that's that for my top beauty/fashion vloggers. If you enjoyed this post and would like me to do another of some of my other favourite youtubers do let me know in the comments as I have pleeeenty more to share.
Do you watch any of the above youtubers? Who is your favorite and who would you recommend watching? Let me know.
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