Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hair, Lips, Eyes and Cheeks - Cheap buys that really work!

Hello Everyone!

I'm here today with another budget beauty post!

If your anything like me, round about this time of month I see my wage becoming more and more scarce which means when I'm running low on my make-up items I panic!

As much as I adore high ended make-up I can't always afford it which is why today I'm going to show you guys 4 products I swear by which I use on my hair, lips, eyes and cheeks.

All are SO reasonably affordable and should see you through to your next pay day.
In no particular order.


This is by far one of my favorite blushers. Sleek have such a wonderful array of colours too which for £4.49 have me going back for more each time I visit Boots or Superdrug. These blushers are highly pigmented and I always see myself reaching for this one over my illamasqua in hussy. All their products come in super sturdy compact packing which is great for just popping in your bag and touching up on the go with the handy little mirror that comes inside. This blusher goes a long way and goes on so well with a nice soft texture! A proper bargain in my opinion!


I'm always on the look out for a new eyeliner as I am ever trying to perfect the strenuous cat eye flick on the corners of my eyes and finally I think I've found the one that I really like. Soap and Glory's "Supercat Eyeliner Pen" is one I decided to give a go with on a spur of the moment decision as it only comes in at £6.00 and after using it I haven't looked back. It is so easy to apply as you literally draw it on as you would with a pen. It has a pointy nib at the end which helps me to create the look I'm going for as well as having the option to adjust it to make it thicker. I find just going over it once does the job. I never need to apply more and once more it stays on till the end of the day! I love it!


I've had bright red hair for years which as you'll probably have guessed I've tried many products to keep the colour intact. Some just don't cut it and fade to the dullest of mousy browns. When a friend recommended I try Directions hair dye I was a bit skeptical but since using it I haven't tired anything since! These pots come in at £4.00 each from my local tattoo and piercing shop (most of them do it) and my hair has never been so vibrant! Once more these are less damaging than other products I've used as they have plenty conditioner within the dye. They come in so many amazing colours and are a real winner over the more expensive hair dyes in my opinion.


Sadly you can't buy these lip crayons online but the good news is is that they are stocked in Primark (and who doesn't shop in Primark ey?...unless your outside of the UK, sorry!). This gem cost me a mere £1.50 and I picked it up on my usual spending splurge while in store thinking "hey if its crap it doesn't matter for the price". I was actually REALLY pleasantly surprised. I bought it in the shade nude and although its not as amazing as some lip products I've tried and the colour pay off isn't as good, it works out as a really nice moisturizing lip balm which feels great and leaves a nice sheen.

That's everything! Done.Done.Done!

Hopefully you've seen something you'll be willing to try. Who knows, it might save you some pennies!

If you did enjoy this post let me know in the comments and maybe I'll do something similar.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Cute Affordable Accessories - Primark


With summer well under way (yes, even in the UK we have sun for a brief period!), us girls go crazy for stocking up on our accessories. Who can deny our love for flower crowns and big sunglasses, or the excessive amount of midi rings we have on our fingers.

The other week I went into Primark (as usual) with the intention of buying some cheap pumps for work and it wasn't long till I got side tracked (again... as usual pfft) at some of the pretty things they had on show. 

Half an hour later and BOOM... I'm £25 down and still shoeless! 

Here's what I purchased.

I absolutely adore their headbands and hair clips! Hair is probably my favorite thing to accentuate and at less than £3.00 I can choose as many as I like!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of shopping in Primark. The prices are so affordable, especially for little accessories like these which you can wear again and again.

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO / Highstreet beauty product haul.

Hi guys.

After contemplating doing YouTube for years I finally caved and made my first video and uploaded it yesterday! (eek!)

Its pretty daunting starting something new. Especially on a platform where there are already SO many good vloggers. The competition is hard and your basically putting yourself out there to be judged. I'm pretty much doing this for me as its another little hobby which helps boost my moods and also my confidence but it would mean a great deal if people actually took the time to watch and subscribe.

My channel isn't aimed at anything or anyone in particular. I just want to upload videos on things I like, things I've been buying, the odd ramble etc. I'm also quite keen to do some vlogs so I can keep memories alive on places I've been to and things I've done etc.

Anyhoo's I thought I'd share the video in a blog post so everyone can have a good nosy.

Enjoy my rather broad northern accent and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Thanks :)