Saturday, 19 September 2015

My Competition Wins

Blogging has been a real hobby of mine for the last couple of years. Before that you could say I didn't really do much with my time. I didn't take part in any sports, I wasn't a gifted artist nor was I any good at belting out a hit. My idea of a good time was binge eating chocolate watching classic Disney movies (in fact, nothings changed there). 
However I have always stuck to one particular thing that I really enjoy doing. Comping. When I tell people I enter competitions for fun they just give me 'that look'. You know..the kind of look as to say 'wow, that's pretty lame and boring of you'. I guess it could be when you look at all the other things I could be doing with my time. Nevertheless it really pays off when I win. 
I've just recently got back into comping on twitter so I thought I'd share a few things I've won in the past couple of months. 

One of the first competitions I won was with @Prairie_Charms who sent me a beautifully decorated flower crown (pictured above). They were also kind enough to send me a £50 goody bag of accessories customized to my style and taste. 
RRP $80 for the crown (roughly £50)

I also won a new phone case with @OfficialSamrick which I got to pick off their website. This couldn't have come at a better time as my old case was literally falling apart. I chose a cute little leather effect polka dotted design. RRP £15.95

Feeling retro I entered a competition with @Gud_Buy to win a lava lamp and came up tops! I got to pick my chosen colour and went with black. RRP £9.99

@Goshuk sent me an amazing make-up bag full of their cosmetics. I received two lipsticks, two lip liners and a lip shine. I'm really loving the shade "Night Kiss" they sent me. It makes for a nice autumn lip colour. RRP in total £31.00

Some of my favorite items I was lucky enough to win were with @DisorderMag who sent me a pair of pink swarovski bassbuds as well as the matching speaker. I absolutely love the speaker. The quality is amazing and its so compact. I literally pop it in my tiny handbag and it comes around with me wherever I go. Total RRP £80

I won some really cute quirky coasters from @PainInTheSass which I'll be using when me and my boyfriend move in together next year and for all my vain and self obsessed needs I won a selfie stick from @UniGear2U RRP £19.99

As for my hair needs, I received a colour protect shampoo and hair mask from @montibellouk. I'm always on the look out for new products like this to test on my easily fading red hair and this one has pleasantly surprised me. My colour has lasted a fair few more washes than usual. RRP in total £22

Over on @SprUnld I won this amazing smart witness dash cam which are quickly becoming popular. The company were also lovely enough to send me an SD card to fit it as well along with an extra charger. Total RRP £200+

Another cute addiction that I'll be adding to my flat are these shot glasses I won from @ASD_Glassware. RRP £25.

Lastly, underneath is possibly my best win to date which I'm absolutely over the moon with.
 @frasherhartuk picked me to be their winner of this amazing designer Hugo Boss watch. It came beautifully boxed and I love the black on black. RRP £300.  

Over the course of two months I've won a total of 45 competitions on twitter. For a girl who doesn't make a pretty penny and who rarely treats herself its still nice to be able to own lovely things from what I've accumulated by comping. Some of the things I've won will help me make that step in the right direction to getting my own flat with Richy. We'll be able to fill our home more or less straight away rather than throwing money into buying bits and bats. For a little hobby you really can't shake your head at it. Its good fun :)

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post and want me to do more of these then let me know.


Photos & Words : Sammeh Williamson