Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Laura Geller "The Delectables Eyeshadow Palette" First Impressions

Last weekend was very special to say the least. Why I hear you ask? Well I happened to receive the prettiest of packages off Mr postman (who might I add is probably getting sick of all the things coming to my door recently..sorry about that). On this occasion he dropped off Laura Gellers "The Delectables Eyeshadow Palette"

I'm really starting to grow my make-up collection and try new things so I cant even explain the sheer excitement I had getting my hands on this. I was lucky enough to win a twitter giveaway with MMCL who kindly sent it to me along with a mascara and beautiful lipgloss. As a way of getting back into writing and contributing more to this blog I thought I'd do my first impressions of this palette.

Firstly can we talk about how visually stunning this palette is? The 14 shades that are included are nothing short of memorizing. To me they kind of look like teeny tiny planets! There is a mixture of matte and shimmery warm tones and nudes which are baked to give off a really subtle look or if used wet a more dramatic effect. The colours are so versatile and can be used to create many different looks, not to mention they make a really flattering eyeliner.

When I first used this palette I was really impressed with how highly pigminted the shades were. They glide on like a dream with very little fallout and were very easily buildable. After wearing the eyeshadow for over a solid 12+ hours it still looked as good as the first time I applied it. 

The packaging leaves something to be desired I guess, I'm not really a huge fan of the cardboard or the brush thats included but thats because I've been spoilt by the likes of urban decay and their smokey palette. I have to say though that is it really sturdy and comes with a big enough mirror so its worth taking it on the go.


Top row left to right : Créme, Dolce, Hazelnut, Raisin, Truffle, Khaki. Forest
Bottom row left to right : Vanilla, Mushroom, Honey, Sunrise, Vintage, Brown Sugar, Mahogany

My favourite shades out of this palette would have to be Rasin, Sunrise, Forest, Brown Sugar and Vintage. For my everyday go to look with this palette I start with Vanilla as a base all over my lid followed by hazelnut on the outer corner of my eye and blended into the crease. I then bring that shade a bit higher above the crease to make my eyes stand out more (great tip if you have hooded eyes) and then I finish off with Raisin going over the Hazelnut to really build up that colour and intensity. It makes for a really great smokey nude.

I hadn't ever looked into Laura Gellers products before now but its clear to see she is a very passionate woman who puts the most effort into her line. This palette is amazing value for money and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to experiment with it more :)

Thanks for reading.

Have you tried Laura Geller's products before? I'd love to know your thoughts. All comments are appreciated and don't forget to leave your links so I can comment back! :)

Photos & Words : Sammi Williamson   


  1. I love the colours in this palette, I have never heard of Laura Geller but the eyeshadows look like they really sparkle. You should do some tutorials with it :)

    Hayley // HWY29

  2. Those shades are totally up my alley! Unfortunately this brand in not found in South Africa which is sad because I would love to get my hands on these

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Oh goodness this palette is the most beautiful thing! *drools*



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